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Recap of Gaga's July 4th "Party"

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Didymus   Paws Up 18,185

I'm just making a list of everything that went down yesterday, because we're all discussing it, but it's kind of chaotic and I hope this will make it easier to discuss whatever the f*ck happened yesterday. 


01. Gaga's Twitter bio changes to:
 "This interface has been shutdown temporarily. Please check back for updates."
02. Gaga's Twitter DP changes to a standard Twitter egg and the account also deletes several people Gaga was following. 
03. Profile pic on Little Monsters changes to what looks like a blank wall. Some fans noticed that it looks like the same background of the picture she tweeted with the ARTPOP lyrics: "we could we could belong together."
04. Tweets start to get deleted, most notably the ones in which she cancels the BTWB. It's almost like she wants the fans to pretend that the past several months never happened.
05. Richy Jackson, her choreographer, tweets:
 "Can the Twitter GODS please please unhack the hack attack to @ladygaga #stopthehackers"


However, it is confirmed that her accounts are not hacked. We can trust this statement, since it was confirmed by the site owner and moderators of GGD, who have contact with Gaga's team.
06. Rumors start to spread that July 4th is the "party" we've all been waiting for, including the rumor of the "Boston Tea Party" hinting at the single release of "TEA", an idea that, ironically, was already discussed on GGD before the whole hack-thing started due to numerous tweets on the same day about "tasting", "the tea is boiling" and "the last little drops" from Gaga's team.
07. Only an hour before the "hack tweet" Richy tweeted:
"Unexpected surprises are better than unwrapped gifts"


08. VEVO tweets a "Telephone" still, Propagaga puts a "Telephone" still on their homepage. When you put your mouse on her head, it reveals a " :) " smiley face. Jo also tweeted this smiley face, a lot of mods posted it as a status, causing all hell to break loose. The smiley face is quite interesting, since Gaga ended her infamous "party"-tweet with the same damn symbol.
09. Jo Calderone's Twitter account starts to get active again, tweeting:



and also favoriting the " :) " tweet from GagaDaily: https://twitter.com/JoCalderone/favorites
10. Lady Starlight's Facebook account seems to get hacked, when multiple screencaps appeared of the "hacker" saying:
 "This is not a hack, but it's not Colleen." / "I love you my little babies" / "Did you miss Jo?"
(The message is now deleted from Facebook, so there's no real proof now.)
11. Tweets from the Gaga Daily mods start spreading, including these:
"I know what's going on, but Gaga's confusing me"

"I can't talk about it, but it's awesome"

12. When GGD crashes the community messages change. The first one was "excuse me no", then it changed to " :) " smiley face, the next one was: "be right back" and the last one was: "over capacity."
13. Gaga's Twitter account favorites a tweet from a fan that says:
 "Lady Gaga what's happening? ? :( "
14. Gaga's Little Monsters account liked a post that assumed that Gaga would make her big return when all her fans change their profile pics to "blank canvases";


15. In the middle of the hype, Gaga Daily, Propagaga and apparently other Twitter accounts changed their bio to: "#ARTPOP"
16. At one point, #ARTPOP became the number one trending topic.
We even got a lovely piece of very apropos music to be the soundtrack of our mutual meltdown:

On to the next meltdown! :party:

Edited by Didymus


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Diamond Heart   Paws Up 3,344
Diamond Heart

I cant believe i spent like 6 hours yesterday refreshing GGD and her twitter   

Biggest meltdown ive seen on here tbh :P


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Save-Me-Oprah   Paws Up 5

What about "excuse me no"?




That's got nothing to do with any of this... that's something she tweeted to a Bieber fan months ago.




Highly (highly) doubtful that the GGD mods know anything about this whatsoever. They're 100% just speculating and/or acting like they know something to feel important.

Edited by Save-Me-Oprah


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ryhanna   Paws Up 2,333

They changed the message to 'excuse me no?' :lmao:


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Steve Nasty   Paws Up 9,519
Steve Nasty

Woah I missed #9-17

This is so ****ing exciting it reminds me of Dot all over again! :nooo:

Edited by Steve Nasty


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Gaga is Life   Paws Up 50
Gaga is Life

It must feel pretty good if you're Admin or a Mod who knows something


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VforVendetta   Paws Up 1,880

Gaga also said somewhere that Jo would return again with the beginning of the new era amd the Jo account wasn't active from the end or Y&I era until yesterday.


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Didymus   Paws Up 18,185

Also, "GAGAREAL" came to chat three times, posting things like:


"ur all ugly" / "i hope you dont get your AIDS on me" / "im copying Madonna right now" etc.


The account was banned when he/she tried to enter a third time.




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