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Dua Lipa Makes Radio History

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Economy   Paws Up 8,275
8 hours ago, JohnWayne92 said:

No shade, I had to look that up on my spotify. Like, I've beard that song before, didnt know who sung it, and I havent even heard it enough to think it was a "hit." 

I always hear it 



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TheLameMonster   Paws Up 103
21 hours ago, PunkTheFunk said:

Duo Lingo snapped

Dula Peep is quaking :derpga:

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I’m not flawless but I got a diamond heart


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Kylie Jenner   Paws Up 7,126
Kylie Jenner

It's what she deserves :diane:

Its great to see the one that broke chart history in 2018 is a female artist who can ACTUALLY SING and can actually make good music. Chainsmokers #1 for 9 weeks who? :bye:

When Travis Scott sucks the t*ts of art (aka me)


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LeJudas   Paws Up 1,299

Congrats I guess.

New people breeds competition and competition means more music from the legends so yay?



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