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"The Cure" turns 1

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corvus albus   Paws Up 1,243
corvus albus
1 hour ago, Andreu said:

I hope it is stream the song nonstop

Not quite but somewhere around that ballpark


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ModernEcstasy   Paws Up 1,608

I’m sorry, but if this had been released as Joanne’s lead single, you haters would’ve been all over it. 

The cure is a bop! You can deal with it  and take several seats. :fthis:

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KING   Paws Up 5,204
9 hours ago, AlotofApollo said:

Her soft Voice in the verses slays me everytime... It's so not generic..


Currently living life without the Scheisse ✨


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gabrielflorin01   Paws Up 1,951

I still can't get over the fact that the Top 40 radios from my country did it so dirty and absolutely refused to play it, even if we did endless requests. But it still got good airplay from other popular radio stations that are not Top 40 so :lolly:

baby, yoü and I


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Pietro   Paws Up 757
3 hours ago, Pietro said:

This song is pure garbage, sorry :fthis: I can't believe is n°10 in  "Every Gaga Song, Ranked... by fans" while Bloody F**** Mary is n°11. 

I guess Gagadaily's admins are behind this to guarantee the presence of two "new songs" on the top 10 :usrs:



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