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TFM is the only great album Gaga created?

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JupiterDrive   Paws Up 2,729

All her albums except Joanne are 10 

the fame is a 9 tho 


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Laceface   Paws Up 2,810

Nah TF/BTW are way up there. ARTPOP not far either. 

Comparing Little Mix to the Spice Girls is just too much. 


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EmperorExca   Paws Up 10

I don't understand why Born This Way is considered her "magnus opus" in this fanbase. I'm assuming it's because this album is an important artistic piece to the LGBT community and this fanbase is mostly consisted of that. However, sonically, it really isn't as great as this fanbase makes it seem. There are ATLEAST 5 filler songs on the album (maybe 8) and the production on some songs isn't mixed correctly. (BTW and Judas are unnecessarily loud.) Not to mention  the album is fast paced then suddenly and randomly slows down at the end. It is indefinitely a great album, but TFM is for sure her magnum opus if anything  (even though I'm an electropop fan so ARTPOP is my fav, speaking from an objective standpoint). Even the Fame has less filler songs and more cohesive production, contrary to the fact it is arguably her least favorable album in this fanbase.:what:

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