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DNC hacker accidentally revealed himself as Russian Intel Officer

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Guccifer 2.0, the “lone hacker” who took credit for providing WikiLeaks with stolen emails from the Democratic National Committee, was in fact an officer of Russia’s military intelligence directorate (GRU), The Daily Beast has learned. 

Mueller’s office declined to comment for this story. But the attribution of Guccifer 2.0 as an officer of Russia’s largest foreign intelligence agency would cross the Kremlin threshold—and move the investigation closer to Trump himself.

Trump’s longtime political adviser Roger Stone admitted being in touch with Guccifer over Twitter’s direct messaging service. And in August 2016, Stone published an article on the pro-Trump-friendly Breitbart News calling on his political opponents to “Stop Blaming Russia” for the hack. But on one occasion, The Daily Beast has learned, Guccifer failed to activate the VPN client before logging on. As a result, he left a real, Moscow-based Internet Protocol address in the server logs of an American social media company, according to a source familiar with the government’s Guccifer investigation. Twitter and WordPress were Guccifer 2.0’s favored outlets. Neither company would comment for this story, and Guccifer did not respond to a direct message on Twitter.

Working off the IP address, U.S. investigators identified Guccifer 2.0 as a particular GRU officer working out of the agency’s headquarters on Grizodubovoy Street in Moscow. 


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BLACKOUTbritney   Paws Up 18,811


Are we sure this isn’t just an episode of Veep? :air: 

My god that whole election was a bloody mess 

I wonder how messy 2020 is going to be :selena:

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Derpplause   Paws Up 25,622

we been knew it were Russians


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Haiii   Paws Up 3,324


hello hi? I'd like to wake up from from this never-ending black mirror nightmare, thanks

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TimisaMonster   Paws Up 11,956

Oooooo....waiting for Trumps response...



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Lion Heart   Paws Up 7,114
Lion Heart

Very interesting. 


Things are really starting to pick up. 



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edgy   Paws Up 4,586

The conservatives in this forum must truly be shook at this point.

Call Me By Your Name, Haroon.


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Reginald   Paws Up 1,061

So long and goodnight, Donnie. 

Don't forget Mikey. 

SNAP @egnartseigger


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