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Most forgotten Gaga song?

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Cailleach   Paws Up 2,729
2 hours ago, The Bling said:

Woman ****, so forgotten even Gaga forgot ha :selena:

What??? :duck: I’ve never heard of this 

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That's not very born this way of you


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sethrb101   Paws Up 1,084
4 minutes ago, The Fame said:

As an actual, serious response to this thread? Paper Gangsta. That song is legit NEVER mentioned, and it's actually on an album.

Ugh, and I love it :laughga:

Wishing Gaga and her health the best...


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Creyk   Paws Up 13,138
10 minutes ago, sethrb101 said:

Does it really count if it was never released? :trollga:

Of her released songs, though, it would definitely be selections from The Fame

I think it does because even if  it was not released we as a fanbase still have the song



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