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Iampopez   Paws Up 132

Let me introduce you to Raoul.


Raoul is a contestant in Spain's Operación Triunfo 2017 (spanish version of "Star Academy"). The reality show was brought back after 7 years and it has become a big hit, since they are using the social media and adressing important topics such as sexism or sexual education.


So, this weeks nominees are Raoul and Cepeda (the Roxxxy Andrews of the show). It's Raoul's first nomination vs. Cepeda's FOURTH (with three weeks in a row being always saved by an army of fangirls). Cepeda, as always, had a very nice week but then on the stage did it terrible. On the other hand, Raoul and his partner made HISTORY as the first performance in a spanish public tv show that ended with a kiss between two men.


Raoul also performed our beloved Million Reasons. Since someone already posted the performance, I leave here the rehearsal (so so so much better).

As I said before, Cepeda has a large fanbase and at the end, keeps being safe from the elimination week after week, so it's pretty sure that this hunty will be going home on Monday night.


Unless we do something about it. So get your spanish friends to download "Operación Triunfo 2017" from the app store and vote to save Raoul. We the gays deserve it.


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ryanripley   Paws Up 60,460

he looks like something straight out of bel ami online :deadbanana: 

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viniferrett   Paws Up 12,797
1 hour ago, ryanripley said:

he looks like something straight out of bel ami online :deadbanana: 

Lmao I thought the same :air: 


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Nicogly   Paws Up 1,793

I have his Zara jacket!!! but i kinda dont like how he sings... ill still support tho

Rock On and A Last One For the Road 🚬


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