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Mistress (2018) - Selena Gomez 


Released: January 5, 2018

Genres: Alt-pop, pop-rock

Producers: Ian Kirkpatrick, Jonas Jeberg, The Futuristics, Marshmello, Selena Gomez, BloodPop, Rock Mafia, Stargate

Singles: "Bad Liar", "Fetish", "Wolves"


Track listing

1. "Mistress"

2. "Fetish" (feat. Gucci Mane)

3. "Bad Liar"

4. "Wonderful"

5. "Dance With Somebody Else"

6. "Ripped Jeans"

7. "Wolves" (with Mashmello)

8. "69"

9. "Smudged Lipstick"

10. "Separate Ways"

11. "Winner" (feat. Stormzy)

12. "F*ck With Me"


Deluxe edition

13. "Roses & Razors"

14. "Masochistic"

15. "Femme Fatale"

16. "Kill For You"

17. "It Ain't Me" (with Kygo) [Bonus Track]

18. "Fetish" (feat. Gucci Mane) (Galantis Remix) [Bonus Track]

19. "Wolves" (with Marshmello) (Rock Mafia Remix) [Bonus Track]

C U N T xx


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 TeenIdle   Paws Up 14,619

The momentum with BL and Fetish is kinda gone but I still hope they're on the track list

Host of Globalvision


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dopega   Paws Up 2,305

For a second I though SG meant Stefani Germanotta. I got very confused.

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mamapapapa perfect delusion


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HausOfAmericano   Paws Up 2,919

Omg I really like it! 

I'm really hoping Fetish's sound and creepy/bizarre video is what she's going for her next album, along with the sexy vibes.

I definitely hope Selena gets bored, checks GGD out and sees this (Hi Selena :stalkga: )

Nice work :heart: 

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"Ax, for the last time. Don't call me prince." "Yes, Prince Jake."


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