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Shooting in Sweden, gunman opens fire in market

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Morphine Prince


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I got two red pills to take the blues away.


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These shootings have to stop. Even Countries that have less of them seem to have mass shootings on the rise :saladga: 

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Stefani Gaga

Why do we have to suffer because of other people’s actions?

I’m A mEsS! sTaY aWaY fRoM mE, mY eIgHt PeTs AnD mY bLuE bIsCuItS, yOu FrEaK!
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is this our new normal now? :neyde:

when i was a kid the world seemed so peaceful and beautiful, take me back! :selena:


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Today we made world peace.

Today we finally made it.

We always thought it'd be so hard to achieve and impossible.

But it was actually easy, it was so simple, why were we making things so complicated?


This is something we should've said long, long ago.

Yeah, the world is overall in a better state than before but it's just a raspy calm before the next storm.

Feeling it there, right?


So here's a poem to remember when you read these things:


We are the people

We have the power

We can make a change

We will make a change

Let's not feed the trolls

Let's not talk about it in the news

Let's not show violence on the big screens

And let's burn weapons and own the world together

Let's speak about love

And happiness

And unity

And care for each other

And make big problems seem little

Until they're not in our mind

Human beings

No races

Citizens of the world


Oh and:

What will all of you comment on the next thread about another shooting?

We knew it's going to happen, we're letting it happen all the time, we have the power to make it stop but we don't use our power. We only sit and chat about it every single time. So, what are you going to write? Let's be thankful it doesn't happen everyday so you don't feel like you're repeating yourself too often. We need to act, not talk and give attention to these criminals. They have no form or body. They're what's wrong with our world and it certainly can be fixed by proportions and media acting first, then, education and #btwf

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Famous criminals breed more famous criminals because of the attention they all get


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