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Superbowl show was for LGBT Community

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Anveeroy   Paws Up 10,109

Lady Gaga gave much love to her queer fans Wednesday at the Los Angeles stop of her Joanne World Tour. Addressing the "LGBTQ" community by name multiple times, Gaga said, "Everyone is family here" and "everyone's gotta love each other."

During the "Million Reasons" encore, Gaga also made one thing clear to fans: Her halftime performance at this year's Super Bowl was an act of LGBT activism.

"I had the opportunity to play the Super Bowl. And I hope that you saw … that the entire world stood up for you — not for me, but for you," Gaga told the cheering crowd at the Forum in Inglewood, Calif.

Gaga's February Super Bowl show had been hotly anticipated by LGBT people. Many, including conservatives, expected the bisexual singer to make a political statement against the anti-LGBT Donald Trump administration. On election night, Gaga had stood outside of Trump Tower in protest of the Republican politician.

"What [the Super Bowl show] tells me is that you can’t give up trying. Because it’s hard as ****, but you just got to keep going until somebody just ****ing listens — no matter gay, straight, or bi, lesbian, transgendered life," she concluded, a reference to the "Born This Way" lyrics she sang at the football stadium. "And for that reason, you gave me a million to stick around."

Full here: https://www.advocate.com/music/2017/8/10/lady-gaga-my-super-bowl-show-was-you-lgbt-community

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Saint Hollywood   Paws Up 31,169
Saint Hollywood

well, obviously, she's the queen of the gays


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what if there's more...


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Gia Gunn   Paws Up 7,264
Gia Gunn

If it was for us, why did she steal our weaves? :oprah:

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gagagoogoose   Paws Up 30,920

Mike Pence was SHOOK


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Thomas P   Paws Up 10,952
Thomas P

Lady Gaygay really truly :diane:

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How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice, hi my name is Thomas.


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dannydevito   Paws Up 10,656
46 minutes ago, gagagoogoose said:




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Letmelivemylife   Paws Up 7,821

As I always say "I thought I knew what love was until I became a little monster" ♥️ She's right in that we are family. We are NOT a fanbase. We've been through too much together to be a fanbase. Fanbases are there when it's convienient but only monsters are there when it's not ♥️

I love you monsters. I'd be unfixably broken without you


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