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Democrats could seek impeachment Trump after James Comey Hearing

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18 minutes ago, RAMROD said:

Yes it is :poot:

Hillary rn tumblr_mlaa548YeM1qcqqpjo1_r3_250.gif

B.B.A. / Music Lover / Human.
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2 minutes ago, Indyl said:

That's what I said at the end of my post lol

oh :emma: it's late here so...  my bad :rip: 

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59 minutes ago, Kinsey said:

What I don't get is this whole Russia thing. How does getting in contact with Russia help you win an election? Is it just the leftover cold war sentiment that gets a rise? Surely if someone said Trump in contact with Canada during election nobody would bat an eyelash. 

I just don't understand

Using Russian hackers to steal Podesta's emails? 

Money can do anything


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2 hours ago, BLACKOUTbritney said:

If they're going to impeach trump PLEASE impeach trump AND pence

Because Pence as president will be just as messy 

Brasil teas

another shot before we kiss the other side


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