Brexit to begin 29 March

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People are literally dying and y'all crying about some imaginary club of countries 


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10 minutes ago, Benji said:

If you're given a second referendum, which is unlikely right now, you'd probably have to wait until after Brexit to leave the United Kingdom and if you did not you would still have to reapply to join the EU, which once again would take years.

Leaving the UK even with instant access to the EU would be ridiculous, leaving the UK without it is downright suicide.


Agree. IMHO The Scots are in la la land. They initially claimed they could successfully run their own economy, since then the price of oil has halved. Scotland effectively subsidized by UK taxation. Lastly, there's no guarantee that the EU absolutely will accept them. Their moves weakens everyone involved. So I agree with May that this is not the right time to discuss about independence that 55.3% of them voted against when they got the opportunity in 2014, now.

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Let's shoot for a new high score!


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5 hours ago, Florian said:

That's a HUUUUUUUUUGE shortcut. Scottland would have to ask to be part of the EU. It would be a long process and Scottland entry could also be rejected or paused for few years.

But at least we are trying to do something about it rather that let the tory government drag us out with them


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The earlier Britain will finally leave the European Union, the better.

No concessions. No benefits. The EU should make an cold, bloody example with the Brits.




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