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"Broadway Sings" to pay tribute to Gaga

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Ronk   Paws Up 4,274
12 minutes ago, GagaMyBlood95 said:

Only legends :applause:

Actually, I attended a show called Legends in Concert at Myrtle Beach a two or three years ago ... singers imitating legends like MJ, Elvis, Prince, Stevie Wonder, etc.  Gaga was included, but unfortunately the person playing Gaga hammed up the endings of the songs to big bravado finishes to gain applause, like Gaga doesn't do.  That was not authentic at all.  But at least Gaga was included in the list of Legends. 

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I live in an alternate universe.


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DeanWinchester   Paws Up 33,241
On 2017-03-16 at 4:19 PM, BeerFear said:

One second I give tributes left and right

then suddenly the tribute is for me 


could have been reworded to fit the song but yes


*muffled Jewels N' Drugs in the background*


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