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orb1tx   Paws Up 127

I was unable to find not even 1 floor seat for Miami on the presales and the regular sales, and I logged on time.  Did they offer any?  is she saving some for later for a contest or something?  what about the ones on resale, will I be able to buy those if they are credit card entry?  please help!!!!!


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Altair   Paws Up 1,328

I saw they were available for the presale for like the first 3 hours but idk if there's more that were put on hold or whatever


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Hi Its Nicole   Paws Up 4,387
Hi Its Nicole

I can't help u (sorry) but if u go....we might be seeing each other without even noticeing cuz I got FRONT ROW. Hold on I'm going to check Citibank 

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Make my Profile Pic The new :Cryga:


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