Inside The Alt-Right’s Campaign To Smear Trump Protesters As Anarchists

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23 minutes ago, Rebel Heart said:

Can we start calling the alt-right what they really are - nazis  Also why is it smearing to be labelled an 'anarchist'? As an anarchist idgi :oprah:

We should call them by what they are- white supremacists. 

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i feel like people on both sides of politics start to become more extreme and and hateful against the other side. It seems nobody remembers their manners.

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All hail our overlord gretchen


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8 hours ago, Rebel Heart said:

Do people even know what anarchism as a political system is? Or do they just see anarchists as a violent mob?  I'm actually quite confused 

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But who's to say I'm not both an anarchist and the Antichrist 




Well, I personally am not much against anarchism but I don't see it working "right" in the long-run 


yaaaaas come through anarchistic Antichrist, our lord and savior:v:


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