I was a casual listener from the start, stayed up for the first time to check out the Alejandro mv, started lurking GGD during BTW, but my standom wasn't complete untill the pre-ARTPOP era started. All the anticipation, all of the speculation; it was so intense and when ARTPOP finally came out, it was like a gift from the heavens. I never really understood why this album/era was so engaging to me. I mean: a lot of ppl were complaining about how the execution was kinda messy and the record was too EDM-heavy. Now that Joanne has come out I can't help but feeling less engaged and I've felt kinda guilty about it. I didn't wanna 'betray' Gaga and I certainly didn't wanna be one those 'nagging' monsters I experienced when I was enjoying ARTPOP so much. So what is it about ARTPOP that really speaks to, where Joanne doesn't? Why did I like every album better than the one before, but couldn't she top ARTPOP? I've finally found my personal answer, so after this long a$$ intro imma share it with you. The answer is: Detachement I've always been a dreamer. Instead of dealing with problems, I run away from them to my own beautifull fantasies. I've stopped watching the news for years now, so I don't have to know about all the terrible things in the world. When I feel sad I just put on my headphones on an blast loud music and dance the pain away. Music, raves and a sh*t load of drugs make me feel alive, forget about my problems and just feel so damn free. I'm not saying this is a good and healthy way of dealing with problems, but it's why ARTPOP will be my rebellious spirit animal for life. I'm afraid Joanne, although very good, is just too real for me.