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Gaga special on axs tv?

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Katie14   Paws Up 4,306

Did anyone happen to watch or record this? Literally 10 minutes before i had to leave to see the show last night, i was flipping through the tv channels. It was so coincidental that there happened to be a special on Gaga. I had never seen it before either. There were a bunch of celebrities talking about her and the narrator was disscussing her outfits and how they have meaning and her artistry. It was very positive and interesting. I really wanted to watch the whole thing. It was ironic that the only reason why i couldnr finish it was because i was going to see her live! I was at a hotel so i couldnt record it.


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Didymus   Paws Up 18,295

You can watch it here in full on YouTube :nick: Found which one it is on the AXS website.


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Bad Monster Kid   Paws Up 9,228
Bad Monster Kid

If it's the On The Edge special I wouldn't waste your time. It's literally one of the worst biographies I've ever seen. They keep showing the same videos throughout it and some of the facts were flat out wrong. Tbh I have yet to see a good biography special on Gaga. 


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